The Space: Brewery and Retail Space

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Equipment List:

3BBL Brewmation Electric Brewhouse-
125 gal HLT
125 gal Mash with RIMS
135 gal Kettle
Peristaltic pumps for sparge and runoff
HLT circulation pump and strike with flow meter
Wort pump for Kettle whirlpool and transfer through 41 plate single stage heat exchanger

All fermenters are jacketed with racking arms, sample valves, CIP spray balls and vacuum/pressure relief valves

Brites have sample valves, site tubes, pressure gauges, carb stones and vacuum/pressure relief valves, installed in cold room

Extra pump on cart for CIP
20’, 10’ and 5’ brewery house for transfers and CIP. 
CIP spray ball for brites
Sight glass for transfers
Oxygenation tube with sight glass for aeration
Temp gauge and “T” for post heat exchanger
Touch panel for brewhouse and tank/cold room temp control

9 Perlick faucet and 1 Intertap flow control faucet with Infuser
6 CO2 gauges for varying pressure configurations. 
4 CO2 gauges for Brite tanks (3 for carbonation pressure, 1 sent to all 3 for pressurizing and purging)
Double Regulator for all CO2 gauges in cooler and keg purging
Separate CO2 regulator for beer transfer from fermenter to brites

3 roller Monster Mill with explosion proof motor and pulleys to reduce drive speed on mill with 10lb hopper



(845) 297-2190



1571 Route 9
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
(behind Bad Ass Coffee)



M & Th: 3p–8p 
Sa: 11a–9p
Su: 12p–6p